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World War Heroes
App NameWorld War Heroes
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Latest Version1.31.1
MOD Info Unlimited Gold
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Update April 14, 2022 (3 months ago)
- New Battle Pass season
- New weapons
- Improved hit indication system
- Game optimization
- Fixed minor bugs

World War Heroes Apk World War Heroes is an eye addictive Android game that is playable on most devices. You can consider it a clone of the famous Fortnite game for IOS, but it is its own class. You will enjoy this game if you like shooting games where your goal is to kill all the enemies in front of you while helping your teammates survive.

The shooting genre is one of the most popular game genres out there. Games like Five Nights at Freddy’s have drawn a lot of attention from gamers and developers. This has led to an influx of games in the genre such as World War Heroes Mod APK, Dead Trigger 2, Call of Duty, and Modern Combat 5. With so many games to be played, it’s hard to choose just one game that you’ll love. Do you want action? Strategy? Endless running? You can have it all with these top shooting games.

After the First World War, countries have been making stronger military equipment, more technically advanced than the previous generations. This is currently the most powerful war ever! Nations compete to occupy the world in their faction while not forgetting.World War Heroes Mod Apk 1.31.1

World War Heroes

World War Heroes

Features of World War Heroes APK

7 battle modes and different types of combat.

The game World War Heroes has 7 battle modes:

  • Battle Royale – Up to 30 players parachute onto a large island, search for weapons and equipment to kill others while avoiding getting killed themselves. The available safe area of the game’s map decreases in size over time, directing surviving players into tighter areas to force encounters. 
  • Deathmatch – Players fight against opponents with their own teams. The team with the most points wins after 10 minutes have passed. 
  • Team Deathmatch – Players fight against opponents with their own teams. The team with the most points wins after 5 minutes have passed. 
  • Point Capture – Points are allocated between 2 teams and no respawning is allowed (players only get one life per round). Once your character dies, you can join another character or wait until the end of the current round (respawning is only once per round). The team that captures all points or has more points by the end of 10 minutes wins. If both teams have equal number of points during overtime, each team gets a point each second until one team has more points than its opponent when time runs out. After this battle mode is finished, you can view statistics for both your side and enemy’s side or go to another room/battle mode if there are other ones available in this location.* 
  • Domination – This mode is similar to “Point Capture” except that there are 3 control points located within 3 zones on different floors that must be maintained by players on their respective teams in order to gain points while they try to take over these zones from opponents at any time during this mode. Domination rounds run continuously until one team reaches 1000 domination points first. 
  • Bomb Mode – Both teams try to plant a bomb at an opposing team’s base while trying not to let them plant a bomb at theirs until time runs out or until one team manages bombs successfully at all five targets on either side’s base before time runs out. 
  • Sniper Mode – A sniper is located at one of the team bases. The sniper can be targeted by the opposing team by placing a bomb at their base. The sniper can only be targeted by the opposing team once per round. If the opposing team manages to take out the sniper first, they win. 

More than 20 combat military vehicles of the times.

You’ve got plenty of military vehicles at your disposal here. From tanks to planes and ships, you can take control of more than twenty combat modes. What’s more, each vehicle comes with its own unique set of strengths that can be utilized by switching between modes mid-battle. For example, a tank will do you no good up against a speedy fighter plane or a quick helicopter. You need to make sure that you’re picking the best mode for the job if you want to win those battles! World War Heroes Apk 1.31.1

Dozens of weapons and uniforms.

Let’s talk about what really matters in World War Heroes – the weapons and uniforms. The launcher has several different weapon classes available, including handguns, submachine guns, shotguns, assault rifles and machine guns. Each class of weapons has 3-4 options to choose from. You can also choose a uniform for your soldier from between two dozen options: clothing and headgear from WWII soldiers from around the world are represented in this game, including the US Army (green), Wehrmacht (gray), Soviet Union (red) and Imperial Japanese Army (brown).

Chat and teams with friends.

Here’s how you can chat with friends in the game:

  • While you are playing the game, tap on the microphone icon that appears at the bottom corner of your screen. 
  • This will open up a chat window where you can type text messages to your teammates. 
  • To send out voice messages while chatting, press and hold the microphone icon. 
  • If your teammate has muted their chat or is simply not paying attention, they may miss out on important messages that could either help them win or lose. Therefore, it is best to play games with friends who are attentive and actively involved in each game session. 

It is also very important to be a team player if you have joined a team, because if you don’t work together as a team it will result in defeat for all players involved. If any one person tries to hog all the glory by taking down every opponent without helping their fellow teammates then chances are they will be swarmed by enemies and defeated very quickly!

Rating and awards system.

A rating system is a reward and ranking system that is based on points and medals. The game awards players gold, silver and bronze medals for various achievements in the game such as having the highest number of kills, number of enemies defeated, number of assists etc. Players earn points when they win battles or lose them when they are defeated in battle. This rating system shows player’s position in the global ranking of players. World War Heroes Apk Mod 1.31.1

Online war experience

World War Heroes is a free to play online multiplayer first person shooter. In this game, you will be able to compete against real players from all over the world. This shooter has seven different game modes that are designed to test your skills in battle. There are also four different types of vehicles available during battles, including tanks and helicopters.

This is a great game for those who love first person shooters, but don’t want to pay an expensive monthly fee for all the content they want. It has a lot of features available in paid games without all the cost and without having to purchase extra items later on just to get more content or better equipment.

World War Heroes

Gameplay Experience of World War Heroes

World War Heroes is the game of engaging in battles from the World War 2 era. You will battle in various maps and modes, playing as any one of the soldiers from that era. You can choose from a variety of weapons, such as rifles, pistols, submachine guns, heavy machine guns and more. There are various classes to choose from, for example:

Assault: A class designed for attacking enemy bases and pushing forward.

Sniper: Has access to sniper rifles

Medic: Can heal teammates and drop medipacks.

Demolition: Armed with a PTRD anti-tank rifle, SMG, grenades and mines.

World War Heroes APK Unlimited Money

Download World War Heroes APK. The new version of the game comes with several exciting features. The latest version of the WW2 game can be downloaded from the link provided below. If you want Unlimited Money and Gold, you can download this APK version of World War Heroes MOD APK. The new version of the game comes with a lot of cool features like new weapons, new maps and much more!

How to download and install World War Heroes APK mod version

  • Download it directly from the link below from your browser or with file manager application.
  • The downloaded documents may be downloaded in the [Downloads] organizer in [Internal Storage]/[SD Card].
  • Go to [Settings] > [Security] >[Check Unknown Sources]
  • Click to Install the game
  • Enjoy the game!


World War Heroes is a shooting mobile game with excellent graphics and smooth operation experience. The battlefields are all set during World War II, where players can play different roles such as officers, soldiers, special forces, etc., and fight with players from all over the world! In the game, there are shotguns, rifles, machine guns, grenades and other weapons waiting for you to play!

In order to allow players to experience more real combat feelings, World War Heroes also has amazing 3D scenes and sound effects that make players feel like they are on the battlefield at any time!



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Download World War Heroes Mod Apk 1.31.1 Unlimited Gold

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  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app

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