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Fixes crashes seen on the Samsung Galaxy S9, Note9, S10, Note10, S20 and Note20

At its heart, Xcom 2 Collection Ps4 is a game about planning, strategy and tactics. Its turn-based tactical battles are still some of the best in gaming. You command a squad of four soldiers, move them into position on an isometric 3D map, then unleash hell on an unsuspecting alien army. The game’s procedurally generated maps ensure that no two missions play out the same way. This adds excitement and replayability to almost every part of the campaign.

Every action you take has both positive and negative consequences that affect how you progress throughout the entire game. This creates tension as you weigh each decision carefully–do I spend these resources now or save them for later? Do I leave my soldiers in this dangerous position to get a better shot or fall back? Do I spend more time upgrading my ranger soldier so she can use swords, or should I focus on building a new facility for researching new technologies? Many of your decisions have far-reaching consequences, which means each one must be made with care.

XCOM 2 Collection APK Mod Unlocked will challenge even veteran players who’ve played through it before as it constantly requires new approaches and decision making based on what’s happening at any given time during a playthrough — from choosing where to send your adventuring party and when to build which facilities in the Avenger base ship, through to how many troops to bring with you into battle and how best to utilize those troops in combat.

XCOM 2 Collection mod apk


About this Game Useful Tips

Use your squad tactics rules, and use them together.

Squad tactics are the abilities you get just from having certain classes in your party. Each class has a couple of these, like giving all soldiers within three tiles a bonus to defense when overwatching, or being able to use smoke grenades. You can only have one squad tactic active at a time, but you can swap which one you’re using by clicking on the arrow above your ability wheel.

Focus fire, especially on the bigger enemies.

You’ll want to focus on taking down the biggest threat first, which is usually one of the tougher enemies like the Andromedon or other Muton-type aliens. Try to have a combination of your team members lay into them with grenades, gunfire and special abilities until they go down hard.

Plan Head

XCOM 2 Collection Mod Apk Unlimited Money is a turn-based game, which means that you can pause and plan at any time. This is important because it means you can plot out your moves in advance to make sure that everyone ends up in a good position with no one left exposed.

You can do this using the planning mode, which allows you to see exactly where your soldiers are going to move before they take action. You can even have a look at where the enemy is planning on moving so that you know what they’re capable of by the next time they get their turn.

Beware of Smoke

Be skeptical of smoke grenades. They’re incredibly useful—but don’t get caught out in the open with one of your characters surrounded by a cloud. Not only will they have an elevated chance of being hit, but if you end up needing to move that character, it can be difficult to know where the most advantageous squares might be. It doesn’t hurt to toss a smoke grenade every now and then, as it can conceal a surprise attack on an unsuspecting enemy—and it can also block off escape routes that could otherwise keep your squad exposed to more danger.

Don’t be afraid of grenades.

Grenades can do a lot of damage, but they can also take out cover and hurt your own units. Consider them carefully before throwing one at an enemy that’s half-visible in cover — that grenade may reveal other enemies hidden behind the same cover. You can also use grenades to flush enemies out or destroy their cover, forcing them to move into view of your other units

Take cover at all times. 

Take cover at all times. In the first XCOM, you could get by with a “shoot, then move” strategy for most encounters. In XCOM 2, that’s a great way to get your soldiers killed; you’ll always want to move into cover before firing unless you’ve got an Overwatch shot lined up. Use your squad sight and line of sight indicators (in the form of small triangles in the upper left corner of each enemy’s action reticule) to plan out each soldier’s movement before you take it.

Get high ground whenever possible. Flanking enemies exposes them to extra damage, but even better is gaining elevation on them so they can’t retaliate as easily (some kinds of enemies are immune or highly resistant this bonus). 

XCOM 2 Collection APK Unlocked

  • XCOM 2 Collection APK Unlocked free download for android that you can share with your friends.
  • XCOM 2 Collection APK Unlocked full version is a turn-based strategy game where players command an elite multinational squad in a war against an alien invasion
  • In XCOM 2 Collection APK Unlocked mod game you can use to build your strategy and deploy troops in battle.
  • You will fight against the aliens as a soldier of XCOM 2 Collection APK Unlocked game, who are now the occupying force on Earth.
  • You have to overcome their rule by leading guerilla forces and executing dangerous operations behind enemy lines.


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Xcom 2 Ps4 review for FREE

You can download the apk file of XCOM 2 APK Free Download Full Version from the link given below. Download it using your favorite browser and click on install to install the app. Please note that we provide both basic and pure APK files and faster download speeds than XCOM 2 Collection Apk . This app APK has been downloaded many times on store. 

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You can see the details about this latest version of XCOM 2 Collection below and you are able to download it from our website. Also, we share the new versions of XCOM 2 Collection apk as soon as they are released by official developers. Don’t forget to come back here for update! We have included direct download links below. If you want to get more information about this app, please visit official developer website by clicking Here.

XCOM 2 Collection Mod

XCOM 2 Collection Mod is a game that allows unlimited money, coins, cars and levels. The game also unlocks all characters.

As its predecessor, XCOM2 offers both classic gameplay and innovative new features that make it an excellent strategy title. This was designed as a tactical squad-based strategy game with a lot of different variables to consider while you’re in combat or preparing your soldiers for their next mission.

From the get go it’s clear that XCOM 2 will be more challenging than the first game. In this title, Earth has been taken over by aliens and it’s up to you to recruit and lead a team of soldiers dedicated to taking back their planet from those who have stolen it from them.

A mod, short for “modification,” is a change to the game. A modded game is one that’s been changed by its community, adding or changing content like characters, weapons and levels.

Mods can be as simple as a new skin—sometimes called a “texture”—replacing the main character with another character from another game. Mods can add lots of new stuff to a game, too: New enemies and items, missions and even whole worlds (called “maps”) are all possible when you start modding a game.

This post consists of all about XCOM 2 Collection and the latest version

XCOM 2 Collection is a Strategy game and published by Feral Interactive released on October 10, 2017 and designed for Microsoft Windows. This game is the sequel to XCOM Enemy Unknown which was released in 2012. XCOM enemy forces now rule the world governing with an iron fist and you are the only one who can save humanity from extinction.

In this turn based strategy game you will be able to command your squad of freedom fighters as they face off against impossible odds and attempt to reclaim planet earth from alien occupation. In XCOM 2 Collection all of the DLCs have been added including War Of The Chosen (which adds a whole new story campaign) as well as four other expansions).

Features of Game

The missions you undertake will vary in your objectives but most commonly you will be going on rescue operations or seeking out key intel and destroying it while other times you might need to assault an alien base directly. You must use teamwork and tactics if you hope to survive! All of your soldiers are fully customizable so they can be named whatever you want, wear different armor, weapons etc… however each soldier has their own class, strengths and weaknesses so experiment with different combinations of classes. After each mission you will gain money which can be used to enhance existing equipment or research new technology which will give your troops new abilities or open up other options for them when going into battle such as better armor or even larger maps for them to explore! Download XCOM 2 Collection Game for free from this post and be sure to share this site with your friends.

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